Busy? DC Witter Group Handles It

Delegate the routine management of your portfolio to our experienced professionals.

Relax! It’s all in hand

Your time is valuable, which is why the option to assign the routine management of your investments and assets to a partner that you trust implicitly is so appealing. At DC Witter Group, clients like you want to apply our skilled expertise and diligence to the business of managing your portfolio and ensuring it stays on course to achieve the objectives you have set.

You have the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing that our portfolio managers are professionally and duty bound to make decisions and conduct transactions with your interests uppermost in their minds.

How it works

Essentially, choosing this option provides DC Witter Group’s portfolio management veterans with a legally binding mandate to effect transactions on your account without needing to revert to you each time for your consent. This gives them the freedom they need to quickly seize opportunities that manifest themselves in the market and frees you to pursue your other interests.

Naturally, we are obliged to respect boundaries and restrictions you set regarding the risk associated with the various assets we can include in your portfolio. What’s more, the service includes twice-yearly reviews at which you can discuss performance, outlook and ideas with the specific portfolio manager responsible for your holding.

This direct accessibility is a critical aspect of the discretionary service since it is fundamental to developing the trust that must exist between client and adviser.

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