Driving Gains Through Experience

DC Witter Group’s regional market insight is matched only by our global relevance.

Investing for income

Since the financial crisis of 2008, after which global interest rates were cut to – and have remained at – historically low levels, investors seeking a respectable income from traditional quarters like cash deposits with banks and other financial institutions have had little choice but to seek out alternative homes for their capital.

Many of these alternatives are attached to risk vectors which, once upon a time, would have seen investors recoil in horror but here at DC Witter Group, our local and regional expertise gives us the insight into alternatives that tick both risk and reward boxes.

We offer a selection of income solutions investing across a spread of asset classes in the Asia Pacific region, enabling us to furnish you with a diversified, bespoke portfolio capable of providing the income you want.

Crossroads finances
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Investing for growth

The crises of the past provide the opportunities of the present and the future and, certainly, 2008 gave those with the foresight to ignore the gloomy predictions a once-in-a-generation bite at the cherry when stock market values plunged more than 50%. Those grasping the nettle back then will have enjoyed the longest bull market in history with several stock indexes at all-time highs.

Apart from one or two indexes, Asia Pacific equity markets have been stellar performers since 2008 and have rewarded stockholders with superb gains. DC Witter Group believes that the “new normal” of central bank intervention in markets will continue to drive gains in the future, particularly in our region. Our Asian market insight means we know which sectors and markets to target in order to give clients the maximum advantage.