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Money Investment balance

Nothing overlooked

DC Witter Group’s immersion in the Asia-Pacific investment space has given us an invaluable feel for the markets our continent is home to. We know how to accurately assess sentiment in the business community, how to leverage the various nuances that are unique to specific markets and how to turn that to our clients’ advantage.

We take everything into account including macro-economics, geo-politics, earnings, revenues, yields, debt, cashflow, management, production; indeed, anything and everything that can influence the value of a holding is parsed and pored over by our professionally qualified research operations before we even begin considering whether or not to buy or sell an asset.

Global diversification

The need for asset allocation and diversification is reflected in the range of securities, products and markets that we include in our portfolios. The three main categories are:

Fixed Interest

Asian, US and European sovereign and corporate bonds offer the potential for superior returns on capital at times of low interest rates. DC Witter Group can provide the essential guidance required to realize income objectives without exposure to excessive credit default risk by using specialized bond funds.


Although equities can be volatile in the short-term, historical data clearly and vividly shows that they have outstripped the performance of all other asset classes over the extended term and, because of this, they offer excellent potential for capital growth. DC Witter Group has a long and consistently profitable relationship with the world’s equity markets, particularly those in Asia.

Mutual Funds

Pooled investments can give investors broad-based exposure to assets and markets that they would typically find problematic to access but can also offer exposure to a particular sector or country without needing to pick specific assets such as shares or fixed income securities. DC Witter Group brings a wealth of experience in selecting fit-for-purpose ETFs and other mutual funds that offer what clients need in a convenient and efficient manner.