Our Independence is Your Advantage

We don’t answer to parent companies or shareholders; we only answer to you.

Expect nothing less

At DC Witter Group, we simply do not believe that a trusted advisor can serve more than one master; he or she either represents the interests of his or her client or those of his or her paymaster. This is one of the many reasons why independence is so important to us and to what we do.

We are neither owned nor influenced by a larger parent company nor are we obligated to recommend the products or facilities of one or more providers in preference to those of others. We are privately-owned by our principals and our personnel and, consequently, we have no public shareholders to appease or investors to answer to.

Our first and only duty is to the advancement of our clients’ interests and it is a responsibility that we accept with the utmost pride and solemnity.

Our clients expect nothing less.

Money growth

Full transparency

One of the reasons we enjoy a steadily expanding client base is the transparency we bring to the business of investment and wealth management. We charge a simple management fee based on a percentage of client assets placed under our stewardship.

Our fortunes are inextricably linked with those of our clients so if their portfolios do well then so do we; if they fare poorly, we share in our clients’ discomfort. DC Witter Group prides itself on being straight and upfront with our clients and they appreciate it.