Planning To Pass Your Legacy On

DC Witter Group is committed to the concept of generational wealth.

Effective family governance

DC Witter Group understands that, despite superficial similarities, every family is unique. Solid family values help to cement the foundations for successful long-term legacy planning. This includes establishing clear objectives and management parameters for the family’s wealth to ensure the efficiency of its transfer through the generations of your progeny.

For many of our clients, the scale of the wealth that would need to be transitioned upon either their deaths or their inability to make sound financial decisions is such that the amount would attract the interest of the tax authorities in their domiciled jurisdiction. This unwanted attention typically culminates in the imposition of inheritance taxes or levies that can account for a significant percentage of the value of wealth bequeathed.

Money means happy family
Piggy Bank Investment

Shielding your wealth

DC Witter Group has the expertise to ensure that tax efficient planning techniques are employed to shield assets and capital against taxes that could adversely impair the value of bequeathments. This ensures that your wealth and the far-reaching benefits it can have goes to those you choose to leave it to.

Naturally, we’re able to liaise with your existing trusted advisors to ensure that all “bases are covered” and that there are no vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the tax authorities. We can act as executors and can form part of any succession plan you care to develop including effecting the release of assets and monies on dates in the future.